Thursday, March 29, 2012


Well... it has been a while for sure... but I am back! Life has been crazy and I have had alot of changes... but I am back again...Tanned, Rested and READY!!! Here is a card that I made using STAEDTLER KARAT Watercolor crayons.
 Here is the card...
And here is how I made it!
 I took the watercolor crayon and I colored directly onto the stamp. I did mist the stamp first with a little bit of water with a spray bottle that I got at target for like $1. I colored red first and then added orange and some yellow highlights. Oh and I colored the stem green. Then I stamped it onto watercolor paper that I spritzed lightly with water as well. Dont get to crazy with the water... you want the image to blurr... but you still want to be able to tell what it is. Then I just stamped the rest of the images without recoloring to get the lighter look. I did the same thing with red only and then I added some stickles and here is my card. For real... it took like 10 minutes... and I think that this would be a lovely set of cards to make for a gift for someone...
Thanks for popping in... and watch this spot for some giveaways coming soon. and THANK YOU to my loyal fans...I hit a rough patch... but on to bigger and better!

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