Thursday, January 13, 2011

SISC42... Let IT ALL Hang Out...

This weeks challenge over at Stamp Insanity was to "Let it all hang out" or OVER in my case. We were to let elements of our card hang off the edges. I chose to use Nicolette on my card and let her hang off the front flap. I cut the flap short and adhered her so that when you close the card, she still lines up and will fit in the envie. I decorated the inside of the card with matching ribbon and paper to make the card look whole when closed! How fun!!! I added some gems and here is the card!!! Thanks for stopping in and please make sure you play along with this fun challenge!

and for my fellow asylum lovers:
In the 1920s, New York State had operated six mental hospitals to facilitate the growing need for psychiatric care, and all were extremely overcrowded. The state's answer was to build the solution to this problem that plagued the New York City area once and for all - Pilgrim State Hospital.

Originally designed to house 12,500 patients on 1,900 acres of land, Pilgrim still holds the record of being the largest psychiatric hospital in the world - its peak patient population at one time was 16,000. The original hospital constructed from 1930-1941 consisted of four large continued treatment groups, each having about six separate buildings. The four treatment groups at Pilgrim were shut down, and eventually the fifty buildings were demolished in early 2003 after being sold to a developer.


Sugar said...

coool! great card too! :) love the asylum facts!!

gale said...

What a cute card!! I love how you let it all hang over. Great cutting!

Kathi said...

Great card. Wonderful coloring. The hanging bits are fabulous.

My mother-in-law worked at Pilgrim State for a while. Then she transferred to Creedmore.

And I married her son. Scary.