Monday, August 16, 2010


OK... I know that when I say new release everyone wants to see pictures right? Well I will have to tell you about all of the AWESOME projects that I made because... for some reason MY COMPUTER HATES ME!!! My Hubby hooked up a new one and I can't get my pictures on this one like I could the last computer and I am about to cry...I made a Christmas memory holder, tons of new cards and I am covered in glitter... but you will have to believe me because of my technology mess! i hope to have this resolved... so in the meantime... Pleas got to DRSDESIGNS.COM and the DRS Desings blog to see (really SEE) what everone else that has a computer that loves them has created.
Tomorrow will be better... (happy place happy place happy place)

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Gloria said...

Sorry about your problem. Hope you solve it soon!