Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Paper Makeup Has Heart...

Every once in awhile, it's nice to help out a friend. Not because you feel an obligation. Not because the friend has asked. Not even because the friend has suffered a tragedy. Just because sometimes, we all need a little bit of support. This is one of those times. Someone near and dear to many of us, is in a rough patch. And together, we can help. We can help her push thru this struggle. We can help her get thru this!
This person, is our friend (and design team member) Gabby Arriaza. Gabby and her family have come upon a hardship that is proving to be more than they can handle on their own. You can read more about it on her blog.
Gabby has been a bit too proud to ask anyone for help, but this is our Gabby! We simply cannot sit idly by and let our dear friend face all of this alone.
Since Gabby is one of the rockinest stampers out there, I spoke with Cynthia about designing a rockstar moody girl. Whats fun about this digi is also that she is the only moody available as a digi stamp! Gabby herself has also supplied some word art and we have another digi sentiment available.
These sales will all go directly to the Arriaza family.
We all thank you for time and time again helping us to help others.
Please Check to purchase this Digi stamp and to feel awesome helping another fellow stamper! I am proud to be a part of a design team that helps others and knows that sharity begins at home!

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Gabby said...

Your title for this post is's more like "Paper Makeup has a HUGE Heart!". I'm wowed by the support from my girls. I can't thank enough for this! Thank you so much!