Monday, May 25, 2009

Help Paper Makeup & PCP Stamp Out Alzheimer's

So, you may notice that this post is going up at 12:01 am. That is because the Stampin' Out Alzheimer's event is offically started!Katie Cotton, founder of Paper Makeup Stamps asked me to help and I was on board... here is what she told the DT members...

"A bit back, I was contact by Susanna Boyd (a friend of mine, and the founder of Paper Craft Planet) and she asked if I would help and be a sponsor for a fundraising event she was hosting with Jen Tapler. I of course said that I'd love to help out! I just love Susanna! She told me all about the event, to be called Stampin' Out Alzheimers, and why she and Jen were putting it on. "
Alzheimer's is the 7th leading cause of death in the United States. This was a fact that I had no idea of! 5.3 million people suffer from it including Jen Tapler's father and Susanna's grandmother. My father died of a very similiar dememtia and my friend, Lisa Kind's father passed away from this disease as well. It is something that affects so many and at this point, there is no cure.
To become a member, go to
The suggested donation is $5. Once you are a member you will have access to all kinds of fun things! There are oodles of challenges (all with prizes attached!) Freebie downloads, and daily prizes given away at random. It is a 7 day event so there is a lot of time to get in on the action!
PMS is hosting a challenge called "Any Winged Thing". It's easy to play, just use "any winged thing" on your card! It can be a fairy, a butterfly, bumblebee, angel, bird, the list really is endless! Please use the tag PMSSOA in the gallery so we can easily see all the cards in one place! 1 Lucky winner will get a gift certificate of $25 to use at the PMS store!
Members of the Stampin Out Alzheimers event will also get a coupon code to the PMS website for 10% off their order. You'll just have to look for our blinkie in the sidebar to get the code. :)
There are more ways to get some PMS goodness too! There are some stamp singles in the daily give aways and our very own Lisa Kind is sponsoring a Copic Coloring Challenge that ALSO has a $25 gift certificate to the PMS store (you can buy copics, stamps, whatever your heart wants! Thanks so much Lisa!) Please help make this event a success and hopefully we can Stamp out this horrid disease! thank you...