Friday, May 8, 2009

DRS and Dustin Pike... The Addiction Grows STRONGER!!!

I LOVE these stamps! I love that Dustin Pike is a designer for DRS and that he was a HUGE part of the new releases that DRS came out with on May 2nd. Here is a link to all of the new releases... not just Dustin Pike but all of the ones that DRS released that day. Check out my blog or theirs for samples! When I got my package of stamps, I would not even stop to eat dinner because I just wanted to create and color and have FUN FUN FUN with all of these darling images... and I LOVE dinner!(LOL) I made this card using 3 of his stamps, copics, SHIMMERZ and this darling sentiment as well. I can just imagine sending this card to anyone who has had a hard day, how could you not smile?Check out the new releases and know that if you want unmounted rubber stamps, DRS does that and saves you money! How awesome is that? DRS... we got a stamp for that


Mindy said...

Love it. Just love his work too. I like how you paired the animals and the saying. Very cute. Thanks for sharing.

Christi said...

Too cute!!!