Monday, January 19, 2009

In Honor of the Snow Storm in North Carolina

OK... So I am from Buffalo, NY. I am used to snow... 2-4 inches is nothing.I would still be getting my mail barefoot if I was in NY. Well, not so in the South, dear readers! We are BRACING for a snow storm , consisting of 2-4 inches (giggle,giggle!) The town shuts down,there is not a jug of milk or an egg to be seen in ANY grocery store...and don't you DARE leave your house!!! All that snow is just TREACHEROUS!!!I really made this card for a DT call at Shimmerz. I am sure all of you that read my blog know by now that I LOVE THIS STUFF! I could just eat it! I colored this image with my copic markers and put Shimmerz on her pom pom, fur around her hat and boots and her wings. I used OPAL. I also sponged December Sky Blingz around the edges of the card.I used my nesties to cut the sky and layered it on the dark blue and adhered my image... I love the way this came out and i hope that you will love this too...thanks for stopping by and stay out of the snow! I know I will!!!


Wendy said...

Hi there,
I just wanted to stop by and say hi. I have just come on to the same design team as you (Simon Says Stamp) and wanted to say a happy hello. Your designs are great.

Traci said...

How funny! I totally understand the snow thing in the south. It's like the whole world has come to an end! LOL

I love your card. She is so precious looking. Love the colors you used to color her with.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it is the end the end of the world when you get 2-4 inches of snow! LOL Just kidding. I hope we aren't getting any here. I think I'm out of bread, eggs, and milk. Ok, not milk. My babies drink so much I buy 4 gallons (or more at a time). I know what you mean about things shutting down. We are further north but it is that way here too. They call school sometimes because snow is forcast even when it never gets here. I do hate snow though. Nothing good about it. I'd rather be on a beach somewhere. I can't wait for summer.

On to more important things: your card is great. The little girl is adorable. I love the colors you used on her and the snow flakes are very delicate looking. Too cute.

The Mama Monkey said...

ROTFL! It is all relative, isn't it?! It would take a LOT of snow for them even to delay start here.

Your card is just precious, as usual! I love that blue backgroud and the snowflakes!

gale said...

Ohh how cute! I love those stamps and the snowflakes are perfect. We have a little bit of snow here too but it takes more than that to shut us down! lol

Rachel Brumley said...

This is such a cute card - Love the Tilda stamps.

I know what you mean about how everything comes to a stop when it snows. That's the way it is around here.

Anonymous said...

People in central OH react the same way. It is a major news event here when the first few flakes of snow fall. It gets covered for HOURS!

Your card is so cute! I love the dots that you put around your work the coloring is awesome!


Heather said...

Funny about the snow and so true! Your card is great! I love the little girl! I am just in love with those snowflakes!